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How to make cheap chair cover

Chair covers and decorating them according to the requirement of your event is trending these days. You can easily transform your chairs with a cheap chair cover. Ugly chairs can ruin the ambience of your event. As a result, you will not get any appreciation from your guests if the place where your guests are going to stay for a while looks ugly. On your standard furniture if you put covers and decorate them you can transform your venue. You can also save a lot of money which you were about to spend on expensive funky borrowed furniture. We have compiled up some simply stunning options for you which can definitely pimp your event seating and make your Dining table chair cover more attractive. There are bundles of options to inspire you.

Cheapm chair cover

Do you have any old furniture in your house that you still love even after years, no need to throw them away you can update them by making cheap chair covers for Dining room chair cover.

Now you don’t need to call upholsterer to change the color or fabric of your Office chair covers or dining chairs. You can easily make cheap chair cover. However, if you are not good in DIY’s you can anytime buy cheap chair covers from They have got cheap Chair covers amazon.

We have listed below some cheap chair covers for office chairs, baby chair and dining chairs. Check them out and give a quaint look to your chairs.

How to make a cheap chair cover:

Chairs are typically of different styles and shapes. If you have a differently style that you are trying to update you can follow these general steps to make cheap chair covers for your office chair, dinning chair and Baby chair. Baby chair cover is a must have.

Pro Tip: The measurements might not be as simple as you assume they are. Just follow the below mentioned rules.

1. Measure the Chairs

The first thing you need to do is take the measurements of your chairs. By measuring your chairs you will get the idea how much fabric you will need for your chair covers. Always measure your chair form the bottom of the back and all the way up and around and down to the front. Dining Table Chair Cover needs perfection. So measure them correctly.

2. Pick Fabric

 Second thing you need to do is Pick out the fabric. Choosing a fabric for your chair cover can be a daunting task for you but with utmost determination you can achieve anything.  Always choose dark colors so you don’t have to wash your chair covers more often.

3. Make a Pattern

Draw a pattern. This is not a difficult task you just have to find a way to get your measurements and place them on your fabric. Draw your measurements and pattern on the back side of the fabric. You can draw it by chalk or pencil.  Leave couple of inches to hem the fabric.

4. Cut the Fabric for chair cover

 Cutting the fabric can be tricky but make sure to leave about an inch on every edge for seam allowance.

5. Fit and pin the pattern:

Now place your fabric upside down on your chair and straight it up. Use common pins to secure the fabric according to the chair fitting. Tuck the fabric a bit as you follow along with the contours of your chair. If you are making Baby chair cover you can always open the seat and then fit and pin the pattern on it. 

6. Sew it together

Use a sewing machine to sew the fabric. After sewing it try to fit the cover to your chair. You can always make minor adjustments later.

 If you don’t know how to sew fabric you can always buy cheap chair covers. We have enlisted some cheap chair covers for you. Check them out.


Cheap Chair Cover Resources


Subsequently, there are bundle of ways to spruce up chairs, you can always make your chairs fancy or cover them with hoods or place ties for some fancy looks. All you have to do is stay positive and give a neat and clean seating to your special guests. If you don’t know how to handle DIY’s you can always protect your chairs by buying cheap chair covers from above mentioned resources. Add the finishing touches to your special event.

Do you find this article helpful? Did you liked this DIY or do you prefer buying a readymade cheap chair cover instead? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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