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How to use magic chair cover

Do you often found yourself in the middle of the day, stuck in thoughts to redecorate and live up your home? Give a whole new look to your chairs by magic chair cover. TV and Magazines inspire us to have a fancy interior in today’s world, but they required money. However, by some simple DIYS, you can easily improve your living style and redecorate your house. Chairs play a vital role in our home. Every guest who will stay in your place will surely need a chair to spend hours on it. Your chairs must have a clean and high-quality protective shield on them to save them from dirt, dust, and spills. 

Magic Chair covers are the perfect choice for you in this regard. Protect your chairs with magic chair covers and make them more beautiful. There are quick and easy ways to make your old chair look brand new. It’s not an excellent choice to spend a lot of money on buying expensive magic chair covers. A good magic chair cover will show off an array of expensive furniture.  We understand your needs, so to help you out, we will cover every detail about using magic chair covers, where to buy magical chair covers, and how you can fold magic chair cover.

We have found the solution to your problems.  Magic Sofa covers and Magic chair covers are very stretchy and comfortable. Magic chair covers ensure to give you both excellent function and durability. Protect your new chairs or old ones with magic chair covers. Everyone needs a chair to sit back and relax during the daytime, save them from tears, spills, and stains, and protect them with magic chair covers. Rejuvenate them instead of buying new chairs. Switching to magic chair covers will save you money and provide a sleek look to your old chairs.

Why use Magic Chair Covers?

We bet you won’t find anything perfect other than these magic chair covers. Magic chair covers are available in different designs and artistic colors; once draped around on your chairs, these magic chair covers will indeed get you tons of compliments from your friends and family. We understand that if your chairs are dirty, you must hide them from your special guests, but with these magic chair covers, you don’t have to hide your old chairs when guests come over.

Leave a lasting impression on your guests. Make a statement with these sleek and classy magic chair covers. These magic chair covers are treat to sore eyes. Using Magic chair covers is very comfortable. You have the freedom to change the magic chair covers occasionally. Yes, you can! Many websites have Halloween Magic Chair Covers, Wedding Chair Covers, Party Chair covers, Birthday Special magic chair covers, and much more. Using different fabric types is a great way to create perfect furnishing, and these are very easy to clean and wash as well.

Do you have old furniture in your house? Do you find your old dining table chairs boring and not appealing? All they need is a little bit of updating. Now you don’t need to call an upholsterer when you want to redecorate your house and give some colors to your dining chairs. Here are some ways to give your chairs a whole new look. Some of the chairs come with quaint rose patterns; some have abstract print on them, but what if you love color patterns and want to customize your old chairs? Magic chair covers play a vital role in this regard. Let’s learn how to use Magic Chair Covers.

How to use Magic Chair Covers:

Switch up to magic chair covers and give your dining room chairs a sleek and stylish look. Transform your dining room decor for a whole new look. Save your chairs from accidental spillage dir and food stains. These magic chair covers are the perfect choice to make for those who love entertaining at home, and these are great for your kid’s themed birthday party, baby showers, or private cocktail party—Magic Covers stretches to fit over the seat smoothly. Magic covers sit backs to the most standard banquet and dining chairs as well.

magic chair cover
  • Magic chair covers installation is very easy; all you need to do is:
  • Slip the magic chair cover from the top of the chair.
  • Roll the cover throughout from top to bottom of the chair.
  • Then with the help of your hands, move the Fabric to the seat of the chair.
  • Adjust each side of the chair cover.
  • Tuck in the magic chair cover and check the excessive Fabric.
  • Stretch the Fabric with the palm of your hand.
  • Make it smooth.
  • Voila, your chair is now ready to rock over the party!

Before purchasing, always measure in advance to ensure that the chair covers fit your chair.  Make sure it fits sewn-in elastic hems and corners seams snugly to ensure a secure fit that stays in place.


How to Fold a Magic Chair Cover:

Chair covers works like magic for sturdy chairs. Magic chair covers will add volume to your house decor and style and give a perfect look to the venue. With different chairs in your events, you can provide a flawless look for your old chairs. Old chairs might seem odd, but with magic, chair covers, you can hide all the bad things that ever happened to your chair. We have learned how to put on magic chair cover on chairs; now, we will tell you how to fold magical chair cover. 

After you have done laundry, you need to clean up the mess after every event. So it must be a daunting task for you, but with simple tips and tricks, you will be able to find magic chair covers quickly.  We recommend you iron your chair covers first to give them a neat good clean look while you store them. So it will be easier for you to put them back on chairs at your next event.  Prepare your magic chair covers to make them ready to use again.

Step 1: Grab your chair and push it towards the floor. Lay down the chair, make sure the chair’s front side is facing the surface.

Step 2: Now grab the chair cover from the seat section and pull them up towards to top of the chair, stretch it until the seam at the bottom of the chair back and back of the seat. Now you need to fix the bottom corners, make sure they are all aligned straight together.

Step 3: From the right corner of your chair seat cover, grab the top and bottom piece of your chair, stretch, and align the corners. Pull it over towards the middle point to meet the other edge of the seat section.  This will now look like a flat edge at that point.

Step 4:Now grab the Fabric and fold it towards the back, repeat the step and flatten all the edges neatly.

Step 5: Lastly, you can iron press it again to give it a more sleek look. You can create a perfect square by merely flooding the magic chair cover. Your chair cover is now folded, and it’s ready to store.

Description of Magic Chair Covers:

Magic chair covers are of different types. Every magic chair has its quality and Fabric, so always choose the right one. Magic chair covers are of other attributes:

  • Soft, durable material
  • Durable, Comfortable, and wrinkle resistant
  • No ironing required
  • Easy and Stretchable Material
  • Stretchable Fabric that recovers quickly
  • Secure fit ability with sewn-in elastic hem


SLIP-RESISTANT: Magic Slipcovers, magic chair covers are made with high elastic, flexible Fabric. You don’t need any strap to fit the chair cover to your chair. It will stay firmly in place.

CHAIR PROTECTOR: Chair Protectors are the need of every house. Suppose you have pets and children in your home when you must protect your dining table chairs to keep them fresh for years. Or if you have old chairs, you can also offer them a dust-free stain-free fabric and make them look new again.

DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE: The chair covers themselves are affordable. They will look elegant on your old chairs. Maintain a healthy and neat environment in your home with this top material durable and affordable chair covers.

HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC: Magic chair covers are made with high-quality Fabric, which typically contains 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex Jacquard Fabric with small checks. Please make sure you choose the right size of magic chair covers before ordering.

We have mentioned below some of the best cheap magic chair covers for you to make your chairs look good in your house. With these stretchable chair covers, you can enhance the beauty of your home. Look at some of the best magic chair covers.


Where can Magic Chair Covers be used?

These unique seat slipcovers can be used for different purposes and furniture of various types. These magic chair covers are perfect to use in:

  • Home
  • Hotel
  • Wedding banquet
  • Dinner
  • Meeting
  • Celebration
  • Ceremony
  • Family dining room decoration
  • Beach décor
  • Kitchen chairs
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Party chair covers

Usage and Specialty of Magic Chair Covers:

  • These magic chair covers stay in place all day long. They fit comfortably to the standard size chair.
  • The elegant, Classic design of the magic chair cover will give a rich, vibrant look to your house.
  • Magic chair covers are machine washable. It prevents your chairs from kids scribble or pet scratch and bites.
  • These essential magic chair covers are a shield to your chairs; they save your chairs from getting ruined.

Gone are the days when you don’t have any cover on chairs, but now hand made magic chair covers are available in the market. You can easily buy magic chair covers for your chairs. Here is a list of some cheap magic chair covers for your chairs. Check them out below:

Cheap Magic Chair Covers:

Gold Jacquard Spandex Dining Chair Covers


 2 Pack Printed Dining Chair Covers, Stretch


Dining Room Chair Covers Slipcovers Set of 4


Jacquard Dining Room Chair Seat Covers


Set of 2Stretch Washable Chair Covers



 1)  Do Magic Chair Covers fit on all types of chairs?

Ans. Yes, Magic chair covers are made with elastic friendly Fabric to fit on different types of chairs. They are adjustable and according to the standard size of the chair. 

2)  Do they also cover the armrest area?

Ans. Yes, the magic chair cover; covers the whole chair; they have pins to adjust the Fabric to the chair; however, if you purchase a magic chair cover from amazon or any other website, always read the description and reviews.

3) Are Magic chair covers worth buying?

Ans. Yes, they are a perfect choice to buy Magic chair covers, as they can perfectly fit your chair and protect them from dirt, dust, and spills.

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